By: Dennis & Heather Faulkner



Finally took a little time away from real estate to do some research on the Alberta economy as well as the national and international scene.

I found it interesting that I am not the only economics guy rooting for Notley.

Todd Hirsch? seems to also be hoping for quite a bit of good out of this government. I read an article in his blog where he outlines 3 threats to our oil industry. 1) Price. He identifies Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia and now North Dakota as the ones who are in control of price on the supply side and China on the demand side. We are simply price takers. 2) Pipelines. With limited and expensive access to markets...we could be hurting. From an environmental perspective I think pipelines may be our best alternative. 3) Our environmental record and reputation could seriously impact our ability to sell our oil. He's hoping Notley can change that. It was good to see I'm not the only "economics guy" who believes in her.

As far as the budget that I glanced it...I thought she made some bold moves and embraced some smart risk. I'm betting all my money on Alberta and our people. And it looks like Notley is doing the same. We have some seriously difficult challenges in the next 20 years to face. Increasing health care costs, education costs, increased pensions to pay for (the baby boomers just started taking their pensions 5 or so years ago) and rising national and provincial debt to service and pay off. The decision to build infrastructure now, I believe is the right one, in fact, I'm certain of it.

So good for you, Rachel, I think history will be very kind to you! You go girl! I like smart blondes...and there seems to be a lot of them walking among us:)